UV Germicidal Lamps

UV Germicidal Lamps

Common Sense Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc. offers UV Germicidal Lamps services and installation.  Not sure what a UV Germicidal Lamp does?  It helps improve your air conditioner’s efficiency in many ways.  It kills bacteria and mold on the indoor coil and enhances air quality.  Meanwhile, as it is operating in silence, this device minimizes microbial build-ups on coils.

Likely you have noticed condensation on a cold drink during the summer months.  Like your drink, your air conditioner coils go through the same process.  As a result, that condensation can lead to bacteria growth on those coils.  With a UV Germicidal Lamp, you can protect your cooling system from bacteria and deterioration.  It kills mold and bacteria by breaking down its DNA.  It’s the same technology that’s been used in water purification, food processing industries and hospital operating rooms for over 60 years.

Certainly it’s clear to see why a UV Germicidal Lamp would make a perfect addition to your air conditioning unit.

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