Heating Systems Tune-Up

Heating Systems Tune-Up in South Jersey

Is your heating system acting strangely? Does it seem not quite right? Common Sense offers a full heating systems tune-up for customers in South Jersey. In fact, we recommend regular maintenance of your heating system to keep it in working order. About half of the repairs we perform could have been avoided with a thorough heating systems tune-up. That being said, just think of the money you could save by calling Common Sense.  You can have one of our professional technicians check your heating unit for any nagging issues or potential problems. In other words, our tune-ups not only give you peace of mind, but increase your system’s efficiency, therefore saving you money in the long run.

During our standard Heating Systems Tune-Up your technician will perform a variety of operations, which should take 1 hour to complete. These tune-ups and cleanings insure your furnace stays in proper working order.


Our Common Sense Heating Systems Tune-Up Includes:

1. Check and level thermostat.
2. Inspect and adjust fan belt tension.
3. Test exhaust system for proper venting.
4. Test for natural gas leaks.
5. Combustion analysis for increased safety and efficiency.
6. Inspect pilot burner.
7. Clean and test thermocouple for proper operation.
8. Heat-exchanger visual and camera inspection (if accessible).
9. Lubricate blower motor and clean air vents.
10. Check condensate drain line.
11. Vacuum and inspect burners.
12. Inspect for combustible material around the furnace.
13. Test ignition system for safe and proper operation.
14. Check airflow duct system for carbon monoxide.
15. Measure temperature difference, supply/return.
16. Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring.
17. Lubricate all moving parts per manufacturer specs.
18. Measure amperage and voltage of blower.
19. Test safety and control circuits for proper operation.
20. Inspect filter, 1″ standard filter replaced as needed.
21. Clean furnace exterior.

Use Common Sense!  Contact Us now for quick, affordable heating system tune-ups in South Jersey.  Remember, a heating systems tune-up can prevent costly heating repairs down the road!

Common Sense Plumbing and Mechanical is South Jersey’s leading provider of plumbing, heating and air conditioning repair and installation services.  Therefore it just makes sense, to Use Common Sense!