Electric Water Heater

Electric Water Heater installation in NJ

Common Sense offers electric water heaters in Southern NJ. We are experienced in all water heater services, including electric water heater installation, repair, and replacement in Southern NJ. At Common Sense, our plumbing professionals are licensed and trained to identify problems with your existing electric water heater and make repairs to restore hot water in a timely manner so that you aren’t left out to dry.

There are many different models of residential and commercial electric water heaters and our professionals are experienced in each. Our plumbers provide expert repair, replacement, and same-day installation throughout Southern NJ. You can rest assured knowing that if you experience any problems with your electric water heater, Common Sense will be there to make repairs any time of the day. Our prices are affordable!  Our plumbers are experienced!  Common Sense has become a trusted name in electric water heater services throughout South Jersey.

Potential indications you may be in need of a electric water heater repair or replacement include little to no hot water, water leakage, or sounds coming from the device (such as banging and creaking).  Moreover, if your electric water heater happens to be 10 years or older, it may be time for a replacement. Give Common Sense a call, our professionals service in the southern NJ area and will swiftly replace or repair your old unit. We also offer emergency services on electric water heaters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Common Sense Services:

• Residential & Commercial installation
• We service all makes & models
• Electric water heater repairs & replacements
• Leaking water heaters
• We fix Little to No Hot Water
• We work on Relief Valves
• Water Heaters to Code
• Elements & thermostats

We offer FREE ESTIMATES and Same Day Service & Installation!

We install the new one, and haul off the old one!

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