Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner

Do allergies have you down or do you feel under the weather more often than not? Common Sense Plumbing and Mechanical can help. Something as simple as changing, or upgrading, from a basic air filter to an air cleaner could help with your seasonal allergies. It can also filter the dust, pet hair, dander, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and tobacco smoke from the air you breathe.

The air filter that comes with most heating and cooling systems are basic and mainly for the benefit of protecting your system. Having said that, these filters do not pick up all of the contaminates that pass through. On average they remove 3-5% of the particles that pass through, leaving the rest for you and your family to breathe.

Air Cleaner – Whole House Filtration System –

It’s simple to see why adding a whole house filtration system will benefit your home and family. Not only does it benefit your heath, the filtration systems can clean up to 40 times more than a basic filter. Cleaner air means less dusting and cleaning. Not to mention, it keeps your heating and cooling system clean and in turn keeps your system running efficiently. Without an air cleaner, your current system could be suffering from reduced efficiency by as much as 25%, which will add to your utilities and damage your system in the long run.  So are you now ready to upgrade from your simple air filter to a whole house filtration system?

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